Tuesday, September 15, 2015

150 Years of Yankee Do-Gooders



The Moneychanger

It don't do no good to say it, altho Southerners have been saying it for over 150 years to yankee do-gooders who won't be satisfied till they re-make us in their own image, but I will say it anyway:

We just want to be left alone.

Don't fix our economy, don't fix the monetary system, don't tell me how much water my toilet can flush, what kind of light bulbs to use, or what to charge for cabbages. I can handle those decisions.

Just leave us alone.

But that's just the one thing the whole dadburn do-gooding mob can't do, is leave you alone. They got to make you better. I'm just as good right now as I am ever gonna get or want to be, and I don't need no Federal Reserve or federal government or state or city government (for that matter) making me better.

Y'all just leave me alone, and I'll be happy. Just get out of my way, & I'll stay out of your'n.


  1. Spoken like a True Southern Gentleman. Well said!

  2. As a Copperhead from somewhere in wilds of New York, I am in complete agreement with you Sir. Having lived among southerners while on active duty I can tell you that for the most part, the major differences between where I live and where you folks reside are the locations and the accent.
    Like you, the Yankees you revile in this article view us the exact same way that they view you. We're backwards and aren't aware of what's good for us and should just let them determine our own best interests. We waste our days with such things as: CYO, church bake sales, little league, fishing, fireman's carnivals and the most outrageous activity of all..................hunting!!! They'd rather we spend our energy on things like recycling, volunteering at inner-city shelters and petitioning local politicians to create low-income housing (read: welfare abodes) for the "disadvantaged".
    We have told some of them, "Go the fuck away! Go back to Manhattan to the upper-east side and peddle your do-gooder mealy-mouthed crap there!" They take this as proof that we need to be "saved". I guess some people won't learn, ever! Your not alone Rebel Brothers!!

    1. Thank you and I went to a deb party in Cooperstown when I was young and it was similar to Loudon and Fauquier counties in Virginia where I grew up. It's really the difference between city dwellers and country folk wherever it is.