Thursday, September 3, 2015

Accessory To Murder Is A Crime… The Reverend Needs To Do Time

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Another Police officer has died at the hands of a racist thug inspired by a thug who calls himself a reverend. Accessory to murder is a crime and the reverend needs to do time. Cops are losing their lives to cowards inspired by this preacher of hate. To incite a riot is a crime, but to incite murder of police is even worse. Is there not one prosecutor in this country who isn’t afraid of this racist thug. Obama has no authority to dictate protection and our constitution demands justice for the people of this country. 
Our laws were never written to punish anyone. Our laws are in place to protect everyone. Those laws demand justice for the families of our fallen like the mayor of Baltimore demanded for Freddy Gray. Obama and Holder will hold a press conference seeking justice for those out committing crimes. When are they going to speak out against the crimes being committed against our law abiding citizens both black and white. 
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