Thursday, September 3, 2015

As $PLC maps Confederate monuments, groups resist 'greatest threat to our heritage'

Via Billy

The $outhern Poverty Law Center in August launched a campaign to build an interactive map of all parks, school mascots, and streets that honor the Confederacy and its leaders.

"The Confederate flag doesn't just represent Southern 'heritage,' it's a deeply divisive symbol used by racist groups, one what was raised above state capitols in the Deep South during the civil rights movement to show that they stood for white supremacy," said SPLC Founder Morris Dees. "There's no place for this or other symbols of the Confederacy in our public spaces."

The SPLC is asking people to send in names of photos of "Confederate statues or monuments; flags; government seals; patches on government uniforms; the names of parks, streets, schools, military bases or counties; school mascots; and other examples."

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  1. I have to laugh at The $outhern Poverty Law Center. For an organization that is so concerned about “white privilege,” their leadership is 100% WHITE no blacks need apply…Ever. From their foundation, it has been an all-white club at the top.


  2. Well if anything in the past brings up bad memories then we need to ban it so lets start with black history month because it reminds people of a dark past need to also ban any map with africa on it. We also need to blow up any reminders from the oast of white slavery , for the whites were slaves well before the blacks. We also need to ban any goverment programs in which blacks recivied because thus to could make a person think of bad times. If america is so bad why dont people leave and go back to there native counrty????

    1. If america is so bad why dont people leave and go back to there native counrty????

      Fat chance, since there's no welfare there.

  3. Hey thanks for posting this! Important stuff. I took the opportunity to go to the map to see where all the good places to live might be. FYI they are putting peoples names up who have organized or been connected to Flag Rallies. Personal OPSEC will become critical for these folks.

    The Satanic Publicity Loser Center also posted this gem:

    It's hard to believe we are even here on earth when watching this stuff. These people think that criminals in jail should get hormone treatments for free and gender bender surgeries too. Unfreakingbelievable!

  4. Maps can be made that map every MLK monument too.....just sayin.


  5. Fred On Everything - a little dated but remains relevant. Also, note the video which
    is current given by a peace officer. One riot, one ranger.

    1. Thanks.