Saturday, September 19, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter Terrorists Using #BlackRail On Twitter To Organize Shut Down Of Rail Before MN Vikings Game

Via comment by Anonymous on Black student admits hanging ‘White Only,’ ‘Black ...


Sanctioned domestic terrorists taking direction from our Organizer In Chief and funding from his billionaire marxist friend, George Soros. Are there new laws about acts of terrorism and threats against Americans that we’re unaware of? Since when did it become okay to threaten innocent people taking their families on a train to a football game with their radical behavior? Are we still in America?

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  1. The traffic to the game was detoured by bus. One dear soul had a Confederate flag.

  2. Well we can all whine , grip, and say we will do this and i will do that and i will gun them down! But until we take a stand as a group this will not stop. If u think that 1 person killing a few of theres will end this you are wrong. Until we stand as a group and face there mob it will keep on I do know that rural comminuties will band together and take a stand but for the most part the blm mob will take over the city's. But they dont know is all the supplies in the city that they need to live comes from outside the city so let them have the city and kill each other and when they go outside the suburbs then we shall stand as 1 and keep them there and let nature and animal instinct takes its course

  3. We can choose which group we stand with , We can choose a decision and choose what action we take ,but we can not choose the consequence that goes along with the choice we made

  4. New victim?

    North Carolina Police Chief Fired for Calling Black Lives Matter A “Terrorist Goup”

    1. Yes, thanks and here's my post on it earlier. Insane.