Saturday, September 19, 2015

Refugee Crisis: Facts and Myths



The following informational brochure was composed by a European reader who volunteers for an organization that assists refugees in her country. She created this guide to counter the hype and disinformation surrounding the European “migration crisis”, and suggests that her brochure be reproduced and distributed to anyone interested in what is happening. Her explanations serve as an antidote to the all the media propaganda that currently saturates the airwaves and the intertubes.
This text is available in PDF format. It’s in a very readable font, and comes to seven pages when printed.

How to answer the objections of pro-refugee friends and family

1. We have a duty to help those who flee war.

Answer: No war zone at the moment shares a border with the EU. Does our duty to help those who flee war also extend to those who have already been in safe areas, but chose to put themselves in harm’s way to reach Europe using smugglers?

2. If we don’t take the Syrians in, they are going to stay in Syria and die!

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