Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From Under the Rubble: The Wearin’ of the Cross


In simpler times when our world was young, we used to sing, “It’s a Barnum and Bailey world/Just as phony as it can be.” Now we might just as well call it an Obama and Osama world: It’s still phony but a lot more dangerous than circus lions.

A Palestinian Muslim named–what else?–Muhammad kills five military men. The cry goes up: Why did this happen? What made him do it? His family– described by people who know them as a “typical American family”–say this is not the son they knew but the victim of depression, and ABC News makes headlines with revelations about his use of drugs.

Many people get depressed or take drugs, but most of them do not set out to murder uniformed members of the US armed forces. Muhammad was making a clear and ringing statement. This product of a typical American Muslim family hates the country that welcomed and sheltered them.

American Christians are evil. How does he know? The Koran tells him so.


  1. This is the truth, they will kill us all in time if we let them not sure how to stop them, but america better wake up people and the news need to focus on the person thar did the crime , instead they try to blame every thing else beside the person

  2. Apparently Iraq Christians are evil too. I truly do not understand this. Just 27
    desperate Christians looking for safety with family members already in America.
    Yet there is plenty of room for thousand upon thousands of the savage types
    who do not belong. Can't expect this pope to do anything. He protects pedophiles.


    1. Yes and thanks. I posted a similar piece on this a short while ago and it is part of the overthrow of our Republic.