Tuesday, September 22, 2015

$PLC — Confederate Commodification

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   The Despicable $outhern Poverty Law Center   

The recent controversy surrounding the Confederate flag merely adds more evidence to the theory that the Southern Poverty Law Center has yet to meet a tragedy it could not somehow spin into gold

While the company is sticking to its tried-and-true methods of appealing to its largely progressive donor base’s sympathies, this most recent marketing campaign is part of a bigger shake-up that has been in the works for the past few years.

In the aftermath of the mindless murders of nine people in Charleston in June, a media frenzy ensued demanding the removal of the Confederate flag from all public property across the country.

Naturally, the professional fundraisers at the SPLC saw an opportunity to appeal to their largely progressive donor base by hopping on the media bandwagon.

One of the savvier moves was to set up an online “Erasing Hate” hot-line where people can report sightings of the flag, schools and streets named after Confederates, etc., so that, in the words of SPLC founder Morris Dees, the company could “put pressure on” local governments.
It comes as little surprise, though, that there is no option to report the offending sites anonymously.

Just as with the company’s cynical “Stand Strong Against Hate” map, the ultimate goal is to add the names and addresses.


  1. In one of the Godfather movies Santangeli tells Michael Corleone, his Godfather, "Let's take 'em out, Michael, while we've got the muscle."

    If we lack muscle,maybe we should partner with the mob. They're still alive and muscular.

    Admittedly all I can do is write and talk. My days of "leaping tall buildings" are long past. So, I fear, are America's.

    The Internet has given us the power to observe our own destruction, but not much power to do anything about it. The first myth of leadership is that it exists.

    My favorite author, James Lee Burke, wrote many books. One of my favorites was "In the Electric Mist With the Confederate Dead." The title always gives me a thrill. Oh, that we could bring back those men.

    When I drank and attended functions which opened a free bar finally, I never hesitated to be first. My attitude is the same in punching the No Comments button. Every post of this greatest blog deserves comments and I thank God and Brock Townsend for the privilege. The fall PATCON is first in my daily session of meditation and prayer. I cannot attend but a man must do what he can. I have a black belt in Prayer and Meditation, the necessary Intent, and an expectation of Miracles.

  2. Thanks and well said as usual!


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