Thursday, September 10, 2015

Islam’s Conquest of Europe

Via Michael

“Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide,” wrote James Burnham in his 1964 “Suicide of the West.”
Burnham predicted that the mindless magnanimity of liberals, who subordinate the interests of their own people and nations to utopian and altruistic impulses, would bring about an end to Western civilization.

Was he wrong? Consider what is happening in Europe.

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  1. I told you they were being processed and packaged for transport and on the way:
    US to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in (fiscal year) 2016 - White House
    ~fiscal year 2016 begins next month~
    I don't know much, but I do know that the "10,000"
    is an intentionally dishonest lowball figure.

    1. Yes.

      at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year,