Saturday, September 12, 2015

Michelle Obama: Most Shameful First Lady in History

Via comment by Quartermain on NC: A Court Smacks Down Obama’s DOJ


[adsanity id=15905 align=alignleft /]Michelle Obama, in need of a “nigga” bump, lamented how (sniff, sniff) difficult it has been for her as the first black first lady. After all, she can always count on those who Flesch-Kincaid Grade-Level Comprehension Tests would rate as having a third-grade reading and comprehension level. (A “nigga” bump is explained as gaining black support by fomenting black acrimony by using racially charged metaphors that portray a black person as victim of white persecution.)

Michelle Obama shamelessly told students at Tuskegee University in Alabama last weekend of the emotional toll and challenges of being the first black first lady. She actually gave a teary perspective of how bad her life is and how unfair the media is to her, going so far as to say the remarks from political pundits have kept her up at night.

If that is the case, Lord I pray that what I say about her not only keeps her awake but it causes her bedwetting nightmares. The woman is a disgraceful race monger who was stirring the caldron of racial disharmony using subliminal suggestion that white people are attacking her so savagely that it keeps her awake at night. She may have been awake at night but it was from nothing that we said about her. Suffice it too say, whatever was said about her wasn’t sufficient to have her not behave like something we’d throw peanuts at if we were in a zoo. What next? Will she complain that as the first black first lady menopause is more difficult for her than others?


  1. She's been on vacation so many times she has to be ashamed.

  2. His ring finger is longer than his index finger. Once a dude, always a dude. First tranny. Call it like you see it. No time left to play nice.

  3. I sure do hate her back.

  4. Wait,,,.what.... she doesn't like it when we call her Mooch? Poor baby. Funny how Joan Rivers suddenly died from minor surgery after calling her out as a Tranny.....and an ugly one at that. Gives new meaning to the phrase "butt ugly".

  5. And this is coming out of the ungrateful mouth who is living the dream. First, the Biter Whiner, has gone on more vacations, to more places world wide, spent more money, has always traveled first class plus,and with a personal security team, all of it paid for by some one else. She/it can spend more money in one day than many lower middle class/working poor will make in a year.
    The First Wookie also has had her mug featured on more magazine covers, - Which said photo is done by a team of pros, to make her/it look glamorous. She/it will have a fan base that will hang on to every word she/it says and glory in having been in the same room as her/it. There is not a single TV show that will deny her request to be on the show. The Klingon war bride has her/its mind fossilized; nothing will ever be good enough. You know, there are some people who would whine and complain, even if you hung them with a new rope!

    1. there are some people who would whine and complain, even if you hung them with a new rope!

      Ha! :)