Saturday, September 12, 2015

You say you want a Revolution!

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 You say you want a revolution by huldufolk

Our governing system no longer serves its intended purpose, that being “to secure the blessings of liberty.” 

In fact, any casual read of the Constitution reveals our government’s wholesale departure from the genius of the Founders. Congress sloughs off or re-assigns its responsibility to craft legislation, determine spending, ratify treaties, oversee the executive branch and regulate the judicial.

No longer content with rewriting statutes, SCOTUS increasingly elevates itself above God; its Obergefell v. Hodges ruling which assigned to homosexuals the fundamental right of marriage, is only the latest outrage among many.
The decisions of Executive branch agencies mirror the demands of one man, Barack Obama, rather than the legislative determination of Congress as it reflects the will of the American people.

In response to these increasingly disturbing failings of the Federal Government, there is a small but growing minority of Americans who believe armed revolution must be our fate.

Yet there is a potentially peaceful way to reverse our slide into tyranny.

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