Thursday, September 24, 2015

Obama’s Genocidal Treason: Obama’s final legacy may be the death of millions of Americans.

Via avordvet


No government has the blood of more American soldiers on its hands today than the government of Iran. From Lebanon to Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia to Iraq, Iran has been killing American soldiers for decades.

241 in Beirut. 19 at the Khobar Towers. Over 500 in Iraq and Afghanistan. The last time the United States officially fought Iran was under Reagan. But Iran has never stopped killing Americans. There is no reason to believe that it will stop once it has the nuclear weapons that Obama is helping its leaders obtain.

The last time left-wing radicals aided the nuclear program of an open enemy of the United States, they were put on trial for it. The sentencing judge at the time said that because “the nature of Russian terrorism is now self-evident” there was no further room for claims that no harm had been done.


  1. So what is our elected Guvmint doing all day??? They sure aren't protecting their own citizens, and our true allies (who are they again?) can just fuhgetaboutit. The Repubs aren't even pretending to care about America any more either:

    1. Really and thanks.

  2. Not looking after the jobs of lower paid citizens in the actions of BC now BO