Sunday, September 13, 2015

Slavery v Welfare

Via Terry


art-link-symbol-small-on-blue-tile-rev01.jpg Comment at Smithsonian Magazine: The plantation owners who purchased slaves provided food, housing, education, and medical care, and a monetary stipend in exchange for the work provided. Today the government provides food, housing, and medical care at other people expense, without requiring any work be provided by the recipients. The liberals want to call what was done on plantations slavery and what they are doing today freedom. Both make the Blacks dependent on the White man with the only difference being the slaves had to work for their subsistence. I believe that is what the liberals are truly trying to erase from history.

They don't want anyone to remember that there used to be an exchange of value during slavery, whereas their policies today simply give the Blacks that subsistence without requiring anything in return. Maybe that's what the Blacks object to about slavery.

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