Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcoming the Destroyers

Via David "1. Just look at these people, welcoming in their conquerors. 2. The *guy on the right?  His Viking / warrior ancestors are weeping." * IF that's a guy, then that's their problem in one nut shell.


  1. Those people will be murdered in their own land by outsiders who were simply led in.
    I swear on my life I will kill the first person I see wave an ISIS black flag-55six

    1. Berkeley would give you multiple opportunities. :)

  2. The sheep are welcoming the foxes into the henhouse, hoping they'll be satisfied with chickens. At least the last time the Moors tried to conquer Europe they fought back.

    And when the light of civilization goes out in Europe, who will control the nuclear stockpiles of France and The United Kingdom?