Monday, November 30, 2015

Former London Mayor: Al Qaeda Suicide Bombers GAVE THEIR LIVES IN PROTEST

Via Billy

No, giving your lives in protest is what Vietnamese monks did, true sacrifice without hurting others.  For them, I have the deepest respect and am humbled, though I didn't agree with their viewpoint.

Liberals keep perpetuating the idea that we ought to have ’empathy’ for terrorists because somehow they’re victims of their environment.

Earlier today on the BBC, that’s exactly what a former London mayor Ken Livingstone said.
“They did those killings because of our invasion of Iraq. They gave their lives, they said what they believed, they took Londoners’ lives in protest against our invasion of Iraq.”
More with video @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. Livingstone was a muslim shill while he was mayor and he obviously still is a shill. What a dhimmi! An unrespectful dhimmi at that, downplaying jihad as the 1400 year goal of all muslims. Maybe he converted to Islam and is purposely lying.

    1. he converted to Islam

      Ignorance reigns supreme.