Sunday, January 17, 2016

Couple assaulted by group of teens at Metro station in unprovoked attack

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Two more victims have come forward in another violent attack at a Metro station. It is the latest in a string of violent assaults happening in the transit system.

"I don't know exactly what was happening,” said one of the victims. “I heard my girlfriend screaming."

It was 15 seconds of terror for a D.C. couple after they were attacked by a group of teenagers on Metro.

"I think there were about ten kids who were just all attacking us," said the girlfriend.

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  1. "The couple said had they been made aware by Metro about the recent uptick in assaults by groups of juveniles, they would have likely chosen another way to get home."

    You are responsible for your own self, not the Metro nor anybody else. You're in the jungle, bwana, so live like it.

    Central Alabamaian

  2. You'll need to if you want to protect yourself. DC is a gun free district. People aren't allowed to defend themselves.
    Places like DC, Chicago, and Oakland will be among the first to burn when the FSA goes off the rails for good.

    1. You are "allowed" a pocket knife under 3 inches.

  3. A ccw permit might have sent these thugs one of 2 place, either they would flee down the road or end us as art work laying on the ground. They do it because they know in a group they can maintain control but if u should be a gun loving person amd was to show these thugs one end of it, i bet it would cause them to rethink their actions.

  4. And at some point people will understand LEO cant no always be there to protect you. At that time people will start talking with actions instead of with words and as these thugs and low life beg , plea and pray for there life to be spared, they should know that God might give them mercy but i shall not nor will most others

    1. i shall not nor will most others

      Don't know why any should.

  5. C'mon now jus a little celebrating of MLK day.....