Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two Weeks Later, the Establishment Still Fears a Cruz Nomination

Via David

Cruz getting off campaign bus

Two weeks ago I wrote that the GOP establishment fears Ted Cruz more than Donald Trump. What has transpired over the last two weeks has proven that hypothesis. Here’s what I wrote then:

Cruz is the larger threat to establishment because, if he wins, they lose all the levers of power. 

McConnell and his allies would be tossed out of organizations such as the Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, etc...  If history is any guide, the sitting president of a political party has a large leeway in choosing those in key power positions.  That puts the earning potential and power of the current political industrial complex in complete jeopardy.

That is why, come January, the establishment will continue to turn all their guns on Cruz because they would rather Trump win the nomination and lose to Hillary than for Ted Cruz to have a chance of being president.  If that happened they would attempt to blame a Trump loss on the Tea Party, and keep their cushy jobs.  As Cruz inevitably gains on Trump, the establishment will go after Cruz 110%, even if they are currently waging a rhetorical war on Trump.


  1. I'd say: BS. The fear is that Trump becomes the peoples Candidate,
    and subsequently the peoples President.

    And I hope that he starts by removing all Federal Judges that have been appointed these last 8 years.

    1. removing all Federal Judges that have been appointed these last 8 years.

      That would work.

  2. If Cruz should win by some illegal trap door, than the
    most evil organization on the planet, CFR, who founded
    the League of Nations and then the evil UN, all we Americans
    lose. This will open the door for anyone from anywhere, if approved by the global puppet masters, to become President of the United States. You are exposing one of many tactics for “creeping globalism” as it races with creeping sharia towards a common objective: submission of mankind. I don't
    know if anyone could be worse than Obama but I would hate
    to take the chance of it continuing. Trump for president.

  3. Is that because Senator Cruz "fears" God?

    1. I still think a Trump/Cruz would have the best chance.