Thursday, January 14, 2016

FBI Posing As Militia: Burns, Oregon

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The FBI have reportedly been following citizens around the town in vehicles, but not apparently in any official capacity.  They’re posing as militia.  Nevada State Legislator Michele Fiore reported that she had a conversation less than an hour ago with Fire Marshall Chris Briels.  He said at 12:26pm Pacific Time on 13 January, that the Sheriff’s Office and Judge Grasty announced to the community that the ‘militia’ has been following people and harassing citizens throughout the town. 

When he saw what he thought was militia “Poking around the armory” and following people he took it upon himself to pull them over.  He reported to Fiore that the men posing as militia actually turned out to be FBI.


  1. It's way past time to be re-reading 1984. Wonder if the Smart TVs are pre-wired to show Big Brother. Wow. In the sixty-four years since reading that book, only now do I realize how sexist it was. Call me Winston. Heh.

  2. “It has also been reported that Judge Grasty appointed the current Sheriff, David Ward, ….”

    It is my understanding that the county Sheriff has to be elected. This is what, if you have a Constitutional Sheriff allows him to legally kick out the feds if he should so desire.

    Research Sheriff Richard Mack.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

    1. Correct and see the Sheriff in the last link.

      Oath Keeper's Ceremony & Dinner+ 09/12/09 D.C.

  3. As I understand, the Fire Marshall resigned his post.
    Probably forced to. Who knows.

  4. Never let a crisis go to waste, and if you don't have a crisis when you want one, then make one happen.

    When you go around pretending to be something you're not, the Law of Unintended Consequences factor is increased by a couple of orders of magnitude.

    Like playing 7-card Stud with a triple-deck of cards, you're never quite sure what's going to happen, even when you have four Aces and the Joker.

    Central Alabamaian