Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trump Drops Truth Bomb On Obama-Loving African-Americans…

Via Billy

]Billionaire businessman and front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hit directly at the Democrat base during a speech to a large crowd at a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, just one day after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech.

According to The Hill, Trump took issue with the seeming lack of progress Obama has made in his purported quest to make life in America better for American blacks

“So you have a president who’s African-American — good, I love that — except less has been done for African-Americans than anybody,” Trump declared.


  1. Truth always rings a bell for those who seek it, and they respond with affirmation, for they have found that which is worth seeking for.

    Donald Trump is ringing the bell.

    Central Alabamaian

  2. Article by ILANA MERCER:

    Pastor Manning tells it like it is:

    Message To Victims Of Unemployment, High Healthcare, And Ghetto Street Violence

    1. Excellent and the Pastor is a favorite also.

  3. In my Get Out the Vote Days we concentrated on poor whites and poor blacks alike, going so far as to paying poll taxes for poor blacks. Poll taxes were the Democrat's invention to discourage black people from voting. Many black folks in Virginia voted Republican for their first vote and many stayed with us.

    The first Republican I ever knew was my roommate in my sophomore year at NC State, a republican named Ed Nixon, brother of the sitting VP. On taking a job in Virginia in '55 and joining the church where the Judge Ted Dalton family worshipped I learned that he had narrowly lost the last Gubernatorial election, which would have made him the first Republican Governor in 100 years. His key platform item was eliminating the Poll Tax. For my 24 years in that town I worked tirelessly for the Republicans.

    When my lifelong Democrat Father and Mother visited once we sat behind the Dalton family in church. On introducing them to the son and then Governor John Dalton, his wife stood on tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. Going home my Mother exclaimed "Well, I guess you can't be all bad if the Governor's wife kisses you."

    1. "Well, I guess you can't be all bad if the Governor's wife kisses you."

      :) Good one!

  4. "less has been done for African-Americans"....
    Take a stroll through ANY government agencies offices, look at the employees and the "clients" and tell me that one again. The truth is that less has been
    done for middle class white and Asian folks than anyone but somehow they keep clawing their way to the top. CH