Monday, January 4, 2016

Here's What The Waco And Ruby Ridge Standoffs Taught The Feds About Oregon

Will the showdown in Burns, Oregon, end with bloodshed, the way similar incidents in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas, did in the 1990s?

Not according to Clint Van Zandt. The FBI's former chief hostage negotiator told The Huffington Post on Monday that he'd be surprised if the bureau responded aggressively to the armed occupation of a federal building in Burns. Instead, Van Zandt says officials would be smart to treat the militants in Oregon with "infinite patience."

Van Zandt helped lead negotiations in Waco in 1993, where a 51-day standoff with cult leaders (called "Davidians") ended with the deaths of 76 people, many of them children. The Waco standoff began with a skirmish that killed six Davidians and four agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Van Zandt believes the FBI played into the cult's hand by forcing a fiery, deadly showdown rather than de-escalating.

Waco was a "black eye" for the FBI, according to Van Zandt.


  1. I read the article....and the comments. A lot of those tolerant, peaceful, free to be you and me hug a tree liberals are calling for swift retribution to include lethal mayhem on the part of fedgov instead of the "infinite patience" the FBI negotiator is calling for in the article. Perhaps if they themselves had to do this they would not be so eager.

    Perhaps the lesson of the stand off at Bundy ranch didn't take with these armchair generals. With the armed response that took place in Nevada, the feds now hopefully realize that they are sitting on a powder keg with a lit match when it comes to bashing citizens and their rights about.

    There is an interesting background and timeline that led up to this sorry debacle here:

    It's a lengthy story of the Federal Leviathan's abuse of power on behalf of their own interests and those of the enviro-nazi community.

    While most of the 3% and the Constitutional Militias do not approve of what is going on in Oregon and would not 'choose this hill to die on', Ammon Bundy and his crowd may force their hands if this spins out of control. I gleaned this from reading from a bunch of their sites.

    Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Ammon Bundy is not the poster boy we want to kick off another Ft. Sumpter.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

    The liberal social justice warriors that want this crap will valiantly fight to the last SWAT team “operator”.

    1. Thanks and we shall see. I posted that link with another long piece yesterday. Very interesting.

    2. I guess I must have missed your link. I got there through Kenny's blog.

    3. Read the other one also if you haven't already. Thanks. Too much information these days. :)