Monday, January 4, 2016

"The Advance Invasion Force of Aliens"

Via Billy

by Al Benson Jr.

 The July, 2015 issues of Chronicles magazine had a short but thoughtful article by Dr. Clyde Wilson, Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina in Columbus, dealing with some of the personalities on college campuses. Dr. Wilson noted that: "I have long harbored a suspicion  that college administrators are actually an advance invasion force of aliens. They all spout exactly the same patter of insincere cliches. They all fix on the latest educational gimmick so simultaneously  that some form of telepathic communication must be involved. Perhaps most tellingly, they are a kind of rootless national caste, moving smoothly from place to place for another step up the ladder. They are surely enemies of the American people, tirelessly spreading stupidity that will make us easier to take over."

I've worked at a couple colleges around the country and had a chance to see some of the type of individuals Dr. Wilson is referring to. I have to conclude that he is right on the money. Most of them do sound pretty much alike and most of them seem to possess the "progressive" outlook he describes. And many of them are most definitely "enemies of the American people" and of their children who attend the colleges they administer so "higher education" can complete the job of brainwashing that might not have been completed in high school.

In regard to his comment about their being "enemies of the American people" one glaring example I know of comes to mind. A college on the East Coast, through one means or another, brought in a "community organizer" for a special series of winter classes when the students came back from Christmas break in early January. Turned out this "community organizer" was an identified Communist Party member and he was there, supposedly, to help the students "organize their lives."

A local pastor who had extensive knowledge of Communism found out about this and called the president of the college and told him. The fact that this guy was a Communist bothered the president not at all. He told the pastor that the school "wanted the students to be exposed to all different opinions." Either this college president was woefully ignorant or he hoped everyone else was. With my suspicious mind I tend to think it was the latter rather than the former. Well, the pastor had a local radio program and he spent about a week exposing what this college did daily on his program. The school was less that ecstatic. So was the Communist. The professor responsible for bringing in this Communist to propagandize the students did not return the following year. Small loss!

In light of situations like this you have to wonder--how many other colleges or universities around the country are busily exposing their students to this kind of thing. You can bet your bottom dollar these schools would never have anyone from the John Birch Society in to lecture the students--but a Communist, that's fine! A few years ago I read an article by columnist William Lind in which he labeled American colleges as "little ivy-covered North Koreas." Having watched students "spontaneously" demonstrate during the Kent State affair in the early 1970s, with their professors egging them on, I have to agree with Mr. Lind's description of the colleges and universities in this country.

All that to say this--you had really better be very discerning about where your kids go when it comes to colleges because many of these institutions of "learning" are not out there to give your kids a genuine education. They are out there to change the way they think and to tamper with the worldview your kids have been taught at home. They are not educators, they are "change agents." So ask the Lord's guidance and discernment as to where your kids end up for their higher education. The souls you preserve might be those of your children.


  1. One such university/college in Chicongo would be the one
    that filthy Bill Ayers, the terrorist, was allowed to teach.

  2. The schools where I attended Grades 1-12 were attended by a lot of the children of the local liberal college's faculty, most of whom were from outside the area. Quite a few of the rest of us were from the more rural/small community areas of the school district. Boy, you talk about a culture clash! ( rednecks vs liberals ). Some of us had a lot of discussions about those kids of the faculty parents, mainly about how out of touch with reality they were. After high school, I wound up working at that same college, where I met the mothers and fathers of some of my former classmates. The old adage of 'the apple never falls far from the tree' was never more plainly seen.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. Thanks and on the general subject, Dixie and I just came back from a shop where my Dixie ring tone went off. The clerk said I love that song and we sang it in school. I said where and she replied Illinois. I said yes, before the world went insane.