Saturday, March 26, 2016

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the “Cathedral of the Confederacy” has begun removing Confederate images

Via Lunelle

The historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church known as the “Cathedral of the Confederacy” has begun removing all images of the Confederate flag from within its walls.

The measure includes 23 images in all, the most notably being six plaques with various versions of the Confederate flag, the church’s coat of arms with the flag on kneelers at the high altar, and bookplates in some books in the church’s library.

Gen. Lee and his family worshiped here during and after the War.  It was here that Lee took communion by a black man after the *13th amendment was passed, signifying that he viewed all men were equal.

The sanctuary has been used by decedents groups for memorial ceremonies for decades.
The plaques include tributes to Lee, Jackson and Davis (including Winnie and and Varina).


*Had nothing to do with the 13th.  The man went up first for communion, something never done before and when everyone hesitated to join him, Lee arose and knelt beside him.


  1. I hope that Trump puts a stop to political correctness.

  2. My condolences. It is a sad time for the South.

  3. Blasphemy with capital B.

  4. "Do you believe purging and erasing history results in reconciliation?"

    No, it's just making the living Confederates mad and ticked-off.

    Central Alabamaian