Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A brilliant, powerful statement about refuges that I saw on some blog

Dear Father Remi:

I've come close to walking out of mass before, when Deacon Mike was plugging for gun control. I didn't, then, but I resolved that I would walk out if the church again attempted to interfere, even if only by suggestion, with matters of internal politics of the United States or undermining of the Constitution of the United States or undermining of the security of the United States.

This morning, at the early mass, I did walk out after we were intoned to not be afraid of letting in "refugees." I'm not sure what universe the reader lives in. I am not sure what universe the writer of the request for prayers lives in. In the universe I live in, the real universe, those refugees are mostly - no, _overwhelmingly_ - military age males, from a hostile religion, heavily infiltrated by ISIS/DAESH, a slave trading, raping, fanatical, genocidal, and expanding group of that religion. No, the State Department and DHS cannot filter out the maniacs.

Yes, as a matter of fact I do have quite a bit of experience over there.

I will not welcome them. I will not encourage others to welcome them. And I will not support a church that says we should. They are the enemy. They are the enemy of both civilization and Christianity. They are not an enemy to be turned by turning the other cheek. (Indeed, given the sexual proclivities of the region, it is wise to keep all one's cheeks far, far from them.) And those who would let them in are working hand in hand with the enemies of civilization and the Church.

Whether I shall come back to Saint Mary's, find another Catholic Church less politically and suicidally liberal, or join a less effectively anti-Christian Protestant church I cannot say at this time. I am pretty sure that whichever way I decide, God will understand my preferring not to support the ruin of my country, my civilization, or my religion.


Thomas P. Kratman


  1. While I think being compassionate is admirable, I can see the point of not letting in people that desire one's demise.

    1. Even if they are good people, you can't save everyone in the world. Our countries need to maintain their character, but sadly many are pass the point of no return.

  2. There is a third church that doesn't get much attention in the West, and especially in America. If you find the Catholic or Protestant church lacking, do consider the Orthodox church.

  3. Replies
    1. Eastern Orthodox. Think Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc.

    2. The ones who broke away from the main Episcopal church seem more like the one I went to as a boy. When they changed the Prayer book, my mother quit. :)

    3. The folks fleeing the liberal bent of the Episcopal church that I'm familiar with are going to the Anglican church sponsored as a "mission church" by
      the Anglican church in one of the African countries.
      Right now I can't remember which country. If that isn't ironic I don't know what is. CH

    4. Here's something.