Wednesday, April 27, 2016

OK, Republicans – Trump or Clinton?

It’s moment of truth time for the #Never Trump crowd: Do you want four years of Hillary Clinton in the White House or a Republican president you strongly disagree with?

The Bernie Sanders revolution is over. More than 90% of Democrats already see Clinton as their likely nominee, and her big wins in yesterday’s primaries are sure to push that number to near absolute certainty.

Despite Donald Trump’s encouragement to Sanders in the last couple days to run as a third-party candidate, the Vermont senator ultimately will throw his support behind Clinton in exchange for some conciliatory words on her part. The Democrats have party discipline and aren’t going to risk a schism on the left like the one in 2000 when Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the election. It’s a lesson anti-Trump Republicans should heed – unless, of course, they aren’t interested in winning.

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  1. for the last five elections, we conservatives have dutifully held our noses and pulled the lever for the milktoast choice of the G.O.P. establishment, or stayed home in protest.
    now the shoe is on the other foot, and the donald is likely the peoples choice.
    now it is the establishments turn to hold their nose and show some party loyalty, like they insisted we do, of be accused of causing hillarys they still accuse us of for romneys loss.

    full disclosure...i am a cruz supporter, but because of the record numbers of voters turning out in every state to vote for trump, i will support trump in november.

    also..unless obumbles pulls a fast one and fills scallia's seat, the next prez will most likely appoint at least 3 SCOTUS judges...not something i want crazy hillary to be able to do

    1. the next prez will most likely appoint at least 3 SCOTUS judges.

      You just ruined my day. :)

  2. I don't even know how Clinton can even run for president.
    Isn't she under criminal investigation? If one was under
    criminal investigation and applied for a job, they would
    never be considered. Watched the Clinton Chronicles on
    screw tube. Scoundrel/hyena doesn't even come close. This sleaze is an embarrassment. God help us.

    1. This sleaze is an embarrassment. God help us.

      Really. :)