Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It’s Desperation Time=> Cruz Dad Lashes Out at Trump “Worse Than Hillary”

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Too bad, I thought a good man before.  Now both son and father are on my s--- list.

Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, lashed out at Donald Trump on Tuesday saying the New York businessman was “worse than Hillary.”

This comes as Ted Cruz got blanked in New York state winning zero delegates in the Empire State. reported:

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. 'Too bad, I thought a good man before. Now both son and father are on my s--- list.'

    I am so disappointed also Brock.

    I had serious doubts about him a few months ago when he did not disclose his loans from Goldman Sachs and other large banks to get elected Senator.

    Also his wife was on the Council of Foreign Relations and coauthored a paper promoting the North American Union.

    His Constitutionalist facade appears to be only a thin veneer to cover serious faults underneath.

    On another note It appears our buddy Art Robinson is sitting this one out this year. Now there is a good man.

    Hope you and Dixie had a pleasant trip back from Fallbrook.

  2. I used to like him but his true character came slipping out over the past year.

    His narcissism in general.

    His alleged affairs (even if they turn out to be false, his response to them have been more to save his own reputation than protect his family: he is indifferent like that).

    His wife's presence on the board of the biggest political lobbyist out there, Goldman Sucks. If he became president, his wife would be Goldman Suck's direct link to the Whitehouse.

    He padded a case to uphold a state ban on sex toys with his own advocacy for the government to have police powers over people's sex lives (he lost that one).

    His donation to Carly Fiorina's SuperPAC, in violation of election law.

    He is a total creep.

    There is no way the US is going to vote itself out of its problems, even with Trump, but at least the establishment can lose before the rest of us do.

    1. He is a total creep.

      There was an article yesterday that said about the same, that when you are in a room with him, he's creepy.

  3. I find it hard to understand these two guys. On one hand they are all about preserving America and the Constitution, while on the other they (and many on the radio talk programs) will attempt to destroy Trump and portray this "monster" as being worse than Hillary. Cruz was my first choice for a long time until he used the term "low information voter", referring to those who support Donald Trump. Now my first choice has changed.
    Some people will sell their souls to get this job.

    1. Yes and it's a shame. But for Trump we may have gotten Cruz for President, only to get screwed again.

  4. I used to like Cruz's dad more than Cruz.

    Now? I don't particularly care for either one of them.