Sunday, April 24, 2016

'Southern Momma' Who Shot Kids' Cell Phones Loses Custody of Teens After New Stunt

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 “They’re at the cusp of being 17 years old, where it goes from being juvenile offenses to adult offenses,” she said. “I just don’t know where it’s gonna end. I don’t want them to die.”
 "Yes, I blew up my children’s phones. Yes, I burned my children’s mattresses. I wanted my children’s attention before it’s too late for them to learn how to be a responsible, respectful adult." They'll be in jail soon and will wish they had listened to their mother.


A Georgia mom who took the internet by storm after video of her shooting her kids' cell phones as a punishment went viral has reportedly lost custody of her two youngest children.

Deborah Smith of Coweta County originally made headlines with her creative discipline technique and colorful condemnation of social media.

Parents both celebrated and condemned her, but Smith said her technique worked, at least for a while.

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