Sunday, April 24, 2016

The North Carolina Boycott – The HB2 Hypocrites

Via David

Here’s a list of companies and individuals boycotting North Carolina. As a libertarian living in the state who supports the LGBT+ community, I really think there are more important issues than who can use which bathroom. But boycotting an American southern state is easy to do, the economic equivalent of liking a Facebook page. It costs firms almost nothing yet gets them attention in the media and improves their branding with the relatively affluent gay community.

Ringo Starr – Every true Beetle fan knows shooting him would have impressed Jody Foster more.
Bryan AdamsNo problem visiting Egypt last month where gay sex can net you 17 years in prison. Adams said he “loves it here,” even after Egyptian customs officials vandalized his guitar. Adams also toured the Middle East in 2010 with dates in Qatar, UAE, and Damascus Syria – all places where homosexuality is illegal.

Deutsche Bank – “Deutsche Bank’s deep-seated belief in the necessity of companies contributing to the societies in which they operate” in the Middle East includes offices throughout the region including Riydah Saudi Arabia, where gay sex is illegal and the second offense will net automatic execution. Oh, and don’t mention the war.

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  1. Every single one of those fks still sells their products to saudis - who's government will KILL YOU if you're gay, so they all take a giant fking leap off my planet.

    In case you don't want to give the esquire site your ad click money to be told that if the fukishima nuke plant makers won't deal with your state you've done something *horribly* wrong, here they are. esquire can fk off too :)

    Ringo Starr
    Bryan Adams
    Deutsche Bank
    Bruce Springsteen
    Michael Moore
    Joel McHale
    General Electric
    the Dow Chemical Company
    Hewlett Packard
    Choice Hotels International
    Whole Foods
    Levis Strauss & Co.

    Remember to keep calling and telling the governor to ignore the shrill shrieks from the disgustingly hypocritic left, the 99.8% of us that are NORMAL, appreicate him.
    And don't forget to keep calling and telling the charlotte city council to WAKE THE FK UP and do their job and stop the political agenda pushing. I can tell you the comment sessions where the public can voice their feedback have been VERY negative against the members who voted for this shit.

    1. their feedback have been VERY negative against the members who voted for this shit.

      That's good to hear. Thanks.

  2. I signed this boycott. Wish there was a boycott ballet for
    the rest of the transgender freaks. Anyone who is against
    HB2 must have some serious problems.