Monday, May 9, 2016

NC: Free Speech & Southern Heritage


 BPTea Party

When The Donald spoke in Burlingame CA the other day, he was forced to "sneak in" through the back door of the hotel at which the speech was to be given.

The protesters were not at all well behaved. They seemed to be trying to get one of the policemen (or women) to react to what looked to me to be outlandish provocation. The police didn't "bite". "It was a real tribute to their training and resolve that they were able to retain their composure which surely kept the protest from getting out of hand. I have no objections to protests, but I would prefer to see "peaceful" protests if we must have them. That is not what I saw on the TV coverage. Shame on the perpetrators and those who bankrolled them - especially the "bankrollers".. You didn't really think that was a "popular" uprising, did you??

One of the truly distressing things which I observed was a number of Mexican flags flying.


  1. "The right to assemble peacefully" means?

    1. The definition certainly isn't in our detractors vocabulary.