Monday, May 9, 2016

Why CITI Is Worried: "This Is The Tipping Point"

Via Frank

In his latest must read presentation, Citigroup's Matt King continues to expose - and be very concerned by - the increasing helplessness (and cluelessness) of central bankers, something this website has done since 2009, fully aware how it all ends.

Take Matt King's September 2015 piece in which he warned that one of the most serious problems facing the world is that we may have hit its debt ceiling beyond which any debt creation is merely pushing on a string leading to slower growth and further deflation.

Or his more recent report which explained why despite aggressive easing by the BOJ and ECB, asset prices continue to fall as a result of quantitative tightening by EM reserve managers and China, which are soaking up the same liquidity injected by DM central banks.

Or his February 2016 report, in which his bearishness was practically oozing from every page, and which started off with the stunned observation, that "none of this is "supposed" to be happening" - inflation and economic growth are supposed to be rising in a world as manipulated by central bankers as this one. Instead, the opposite is taking place." He then went on to say that "maybe it will all fizzle by itself"... "but if it doesn't, then we have a problem."

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