Thursday, June 23, 2016

Comment on "Pure Insanity…Obama AG: We May Never Know Orlando's Gunman’s Motive "

By Anonymous

"B--l S--t! Of course they knew exactly what the motivation was for the Orlando shooting. Anyone with an IQ greater than room temp knows. These people are not stupid, they are very cunning and they know exactly what they are saying. However since reality does not fit the official propaganda, they must distort and lie to make it fit. They are counting on the MSM to push and not question the official line. They are counting on the short attention span of the American sheeple, along with the large percentage of the low information voters, who will believe what they want to believe.

But as for me, yes I will have compassion and love. But not the way the AG envisions. I will be very compassionate in maintaining my instrument of behavior modification and attitude adjustment. I will sent my love of the 7th Century goat rapers via 62 grains of metal at triple digit feet per second. If they want to meet their mythical deity and the promised number of whores awaiting, I am more than willing to arrange the meeting.

Groovy man! Peace, love and harmony via superior firepower and marksmanship."


  1. Ms. Lynch lives in a fantasy land. The Orlando shooter Mateen clearly identified that he was committing the act for ISIS (fealty). The many actions of our administration to hide / ignore the facts are becoming clearer and clearer every day - how do they look at themselves in the mirror ?

    1. Commies, all.

      Scott Baio on Obama: "I can’t tell, Lester, whether he’s dumb, he’s a Muslim, or he’s a Muslim sympathizer. And I don’t think he’s dumb.”