Thursday, June 23, 2016

Obama's immigration plan blocked by tied Supreme Court vote

Via Billy

A tie vote by the Supreme Court is blocking President Barack Obama's immigration plan that sought to shield millions living in the U.S. illegally from deportation.

The justices' one-sentence opinion on Thursday effectively kills the plan for the duration of Obama's presidency.

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  1. Oh,Oh ! The king is gonna be pissed off.
    No Barrack, you are NOT the lawmaker. And you suck like no other ever has as a president, on a side note

  2. Good. Glad to see these illegals go back to their roots.
    If Scalia had been around, I think he would have voted
    for the illegals to leave. Sick of these outsiders coming
    to my country. In fact, send the muslims to Mexico. There
    is plenty of desert.