Monday, June 6, 2016

Dumbed Down Schools

Comment by Anonymous on Yale Students Tell English Profs: Too Many White M...

Dumbing Down SAT Tests So More Hapless Students Go To Colleges, More Money For Schools, More Debt For Students

"Two thoughts here; The reason why they find it hostile, is that Western/English Literature forces them to perform what is an unnatural and very painful act for these special snowflakes, namely thinking! 
They like many of their peers are operating under the belief that any thing that happened before they were born is not worth bothering with since there is absolutely nothing those dead white males can teach them. To acknowledge the classical greats is to also acknowledge that some writers are better than others, hence this is unequal and by extension "unfair".

Lest I forget, to fully understand and appreciate the great writers of the past, requires work, effort and time by the reader. This is very unwelcome in the age of short attention spans, instant every thing and a culture that focused on mass appeal at the basest of appeal.

Once again a great poet was overlooked; Kipling!

If this is the best that a student attending Yale can propose and the faculty condones and would give consideration to, then, attending Yale is a waste of time and money. It is possible to "graduate" from a university such as the once great Yale and still be an uncivilized, mal-educated barbarian. My apologies to barbarians of the past, if I have offended and insulted you by comparing you to a current Yale student."

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