Monday, June 6, 2016

ISIS burns 19 Yezidi girls to death in Mosul for not having sex with their fighters

Via cscitizen

 ISIS extremists burn 19 Yezidi girls to death in Mosul

Extremist jihadis of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Thursday executed 19 Yezidi girls by burning them to death, activists and eyewitnesses reported.

The victims, who had been taken by ISIS jihadis as sex slaves, were placed in iron cages in central Mosul and burned to death in front of hundreds of people.

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with ISIS militants,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News.

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  1. Date-night at the ISIS camp reveals what sub-humans compose the militant group.

  2. Commentator Dennis Pager made two observations that I think are self-evident Truths; "Those who appease evil, hate those who confront it," and "It is easier to feel good, than to actually do good." (quoted as best as I can recall).
    19 Yezidi young women were burned to death for refusing to have sex with some one to whom they were not married to. Where are all those proud feminists who demand equal rights for women? Death for refusing to engage in sex, sound very sexist to me. Yet there is no shortage of You Tube videos shouting by feminists finding sexism every where. Seemingly every thing is sexist to them. They go out of their way to be offended by some thing. They like the bed room posting SJWs yap and whine on and on about the evils of not respecting other misfits sense of "gender identity", of giving offense by failing to use the proper invented tumbler gender pronoun. The rest of sane people are supposed be as concerned as they are with things being problematic, intersectional, safe spaces and micro-aggressions.
    There is plenty of outrage and attention given to the death of a zoo animal. Yet nothing from them when it comes to 19 Yezidi girls being burned to death. In a cage. In public. This is terrorism. By their silence, the feminists and the SJWs have shown their cowardice and hypocrisy.

    Meanwhile, my prayers to those young women, and their families. I do wish there was a fund for supplying the Yazidis with the tools they need (aka guns and ammo). Islam is evil and I will hate every thing about it forever. Death to Islam and all tyrants. Brock, I can not express the rage I feel. 19 Yazidi woman burned to death, by evil vermin. Who is going to speak out and taken action for them and all the other Yazidis?

    19 Yazidi women burned to death and nobody gives a damn about them. Yeah, I know, to say some thing would be "Islamaphobic" and offensive to Muslims. Disgusting!

    1. Thanks.

  3. Yezidi's are for the most part lite skinned - not as lite
    as to be called Aryan but have blond hair and blue eyes
    which are the ones the Satan lovers, ISIS, want.
    So it is with the ISIS barbarians, who have kidnapped as many of the blonde haired Yazidi girls that they could find, in order to defile them and darken their bloodlines further. The Yazidis are Whiter because they didn t embrace Islam, which is a religion based on race-mixing. Being born White is the greatest gift that anyone could ever be given. Even among the Non-Whites, the lighter their skin is, the higher their societal standing.
    They really need a Savior.

    1. have blond hair and blue eyes

      Beautiful women. It is not mentioned specifically below, but my Great Aunt Lucy was alluding to lighter skin which was desired.
      As a rule, no questions are asked as to the child's background and parentage. They seem to be more interested in the age, sex, and color of the child than anything else.

  4. I know one of your relatives was trapped in Germany after
    WWII. Was Lucy this relative?

    1. No, but come to think of it, they were probably about the same age. I have Aunt Lucy's quote framed on my wall at Dixieland. She never married, by the way.


      Great Aunt Lucy

  5. Re: Quote. Rather sad. I guess the 'friend' was unable
    to replenish the money as planned or just could not let it
    go once she replenished it.

    1. Unfortunately, it is sometimes all too true. In my case, it is books. I should have listened to my mother who instructed me to never lend a book. :)