Monday, June 6, 2016

Entitled Refugees Destroy Camp & Demand Welfare, Get Deported

Via comment by Quartermain on Useful idiots

 Entitled Refugees Destroy Camp & Demand Welfare, Get Nasty Surprise Instead

After demanding more welfare and immediate access to the country, dozens of angry migrant decided to destroy their own refugee camp in order to force their hosts to give them what they wanted.

However, as soon as the massive riot dissipated and the destruction was complete, the entitled migrants got slapped with a response they weren’t expecting.

The Greek Island of Lesbos was once a thriving tourist attraction that depended on travelers for its economy. Because of the refugee crisis, the beautiful island is now overrun with hordes of brawling migrants and their scattered waste and debris. The area has become so dangerous that even locals fear leaving their homes. Of course, this intimidation has afforded many migrants entitlement to taxpayer benefits — but that’s not the case any longer.

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