Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blacks, Cops and a Sinking Economy ( Interesting in that the author is Vietnamese.)

Via comment by Quartermain on Black Police Officer: “Black Lives do not matter t..

 Protester and Cop in Camden, NJ
Draped in an indigo thobe, a black man with a bullhorn followed a black cop around to harangue him nonstop.


In Ethnic America, Thomas Sowell observes:
American pluralism was not an ideal with which people started but an accommodation to which they were eventually driven by the destructive toll of mutual intolerance in a country too large and diverse for effective dominance by any one segment of the population. The rich economic opportunities of the country also provided alternative outlets for energies, made fighting over the division of existing material things less important than the expansion of output for all, and rewarded cooperative efforts so well as to make it profitable to overlook many differences.
Racial, ethnic and religious differences can be overlooked as long as there are rich economic opportunities, but absent this expansion of output for all, pluralism collapses and explodes into mutual resentment, finger pointing and violence, and we’re only at the beginning of this hell.

Those on the lowest rungs have a near monopoly on street crimes (as opposed to boardroom heists). Perennially at the economic bottom, blacks crowd American prisons. The right attribute this to the natural outcomes of inequality between races. The left blame it on racism.

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