Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cop Kills Dog During a 5-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Via Jeffery

The cops here use pepper spray.

This is an absolutely horrendous story.  I have no pleasure in sharing this news, and I don’t want to see it any more than you do.  But this is egregious, and it needs to stop.  He won’t even be charged for it, because his superior officer says that he was acting within his duty by shooting a dog in a fenced yard.  That’s why we need to make this heartless murderer – Wynnewood Police Department’s Josh Franklin – known for his heinous crime.

Eli Malone’s birthday will probably always be a painful reminder of what has probably been the worst day in his very young life.

“We had just brought the kids in to give them cake and ice cream,” Vickie Malone told the Daily News. “We weren’t even in the house five minutes and then ‘bang!’”

“Mama, something wrong with Opie,” Eli cried.


  1. Citizens have a right to defend themselves and their property also, even against Tools of the State.

  2. The officers conduct was evil, vicious and proof he is a dangerous sociopath. But the even LARGER danger is the
    elegant proof coming from the mouth of his chief that the
    system is corrupt and broken. Not only will nothing happen to this criminal in blue for his crime he will be lauded and
    commended for his conduct. Yet another instance proving that we do not have a justice system in America.....only a
    'Just Us' system. And when normal people finally accept that there is no justice for them they have always historically resorted to vigilantism. We have seen the early acts of such vigilantism already. More will be coming.