Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tim Kaine: Ban 15-Round ‘Clips,’ Hold Gun Dealers Liable for Misuse of Firearms

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 Blithering idiot.

On July 22 Hillary Clinton announced Tim Kaine as her running mate. Kaine is a Democrat Senator from Virginia who supports a ban on 15-round “clips” and “assault weapons,” and who wants to enact a law to hold gun dealers liable for the misuse of firearms.

During the June 26 airing of Meet the Press, Kaine told Chuck Todd that he voted for an “assault weapons” ban before and “would likely vote for it again.” But he stressed that he believes “limitations on the size of magazines and ammunition clips” is the first step to take.

Todd asked Kaine if he believes the sale of AR-15 rifles ought to be illegal, and Kaine offered no direct answer, Instead, he suggested the problem with banning certain rifles is that the ban can be circumvented. Kaine said:

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  1. Biden was selected because he's a clown and a fool in order to make ovomit look better ( that didn't work).

    Kaine is hitlery's clown and fool. No way can she have an articulate, intelligent and classy VP. She needs Kaine because she's frumpy, dumpy, phony and dull.

    1. Good Lord,their ticket would probably be 20 points behind Trump with an unbiased press.

    2. Same reason she selected Sanders to run against her in the Primaries. When the two of them are on stage, she is the reasonable, youthful, vibrant one.

      If no law should be passed that can't be circumvented, then we have no laws. This must be something he learned by watching Hillery.

    3. If no law should be passed that can't be circumvented, then we have no laws.

      Well said.