Friday, July 1, 2016

Dick Durbin admits he ordered the FBI to purge words deemed ‘offensive’ to Muslims from manual

Via John "What happened to head of the FBI, James Comey?   He was supposed to be this "pillar of integrity" and yet has now been cuckolded by the likes of Durbin, B.H. Obama, Loretta Lynch and other denizens of D.C.He promised the Hillary report of by May; now it's JULY. In the story below we see how Dick Durbin ordered the FBI to remove Islamic references in their training regimen.   WTF?   Does Durbin run the FBI now, not Comey? What turned Comey and intimidated him so badly that he can no longer do his job?

It exposes, once again, just how closely allied the Democrat Party and Islamic Terrorists are.  

The same cuckolding has happened to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul 'Ryan-o.'    Even General Petraeus has been "turned."  It's simply amazing to watch.

Go Trump; he may be the last one who can't be turned.'"


Dick Durbin has now admitted he was the one who ordered the FBI to remove words he deemed “offensive” to Muslims that were found in the Bureau’s training documents all at the behest of Muslim advocacy groups claiming to be offended by words such as “jihad” and other words linked to incessant Muslim terrorism.

Senator Durbin, the Democrats’ Senate Minority Whip, admitted he ordered the purge of nearly 900 pages of FBI training manuals because they contained the “offensive” words.

“I asked for it, because there were provisions in the training manual which were flat-out wrong and embarrassing and they didn’t characterize the threat to America properly and after the FBI re-visited the manual, they changed it and I’m glad they did,” Durbin told The Daily Caller.

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