Friday, July 1, 2016

Just Unbelievable = SGI Insurance, Canada: First Prize for A Well Delivered Insurance Fraud! (Part 3)

 I guess it is rare as I can't find a picture of ribs not attached at sternum.

 "........several of my ribs were not attached at the sternum. He explained the rarity of the diagnosis and said that a surgical consult would be scheduled to examine if the ribs could be reattached."


After my character and motivations as a person were put to question, I was scheduled at Saskatoon City Hospital for a forty hour a week, three month long tertiary treatment program. Coincidentally the entire floor of the hospital was reserved and private for the two largest insurers in Saskatchewan. It was mandatory for me to attend one hour weekly psychological sessions. Group sessions with a social worker and group discussions were also mandatory while under observation.

There were stringent rules to attending this "specialized" program: Clients in a program may be asked to justify any statement and/or action. I was instructed that any attempt to speak with or possibly influence any other person in the facility would be met with expulsion from the program. Any negativity was prohibited. Choosing not to participate, questioning practitioners, hostility, profanity, or raising of voices would result in expulsion.

I was put under duress to sign consent forms, of which I was not allowed to have a copy of. I had to sign to guarantee that all of my efforts in physical exercises were going to be 100%, and that I would adhere to requests by all practitioners. It was made extensively clear to me that this was the top facility in Saskatchewan, in one of the largest hospitals in the province, that could immediately draw upon many medical experts if needed. It was politely explained that expulsion from their program would result in the termination of all insurer benefits. I was to have complete faith in the system without question. These people were the educated experts, I was just a guy that believed he was seriously injured....

Of course the first order of business was to take a look at those ribs! LOL, no! Just joking.

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