Friday, July 1, 2016

OUT with Britain IN with Turkey: Turks arrive in Brussels and argue EU NEEDS them NOW

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Turkish minster Omer Celik has argued that the EU needs Turkey now after Brexit

Just 48 hours after David Cameron waved farewell to EU bureaucrats, Turkish officials landed in Brussels to launch their latest bid.

In a shameless bid to jump on Brexit, EU minister Omer Celik claimed the EU NEEDED Turkey and said his country had economic and geopolitical weight that would replace the loss of the British.

"Turkey, a NATO member strategically located between Europe and the Middle East and boasting a vibrant economy and young population, will be a great asset for the EU," said Mr Celik in Brussels.
He added: "Turkey is a major European power. Europe needs a fresh start and a fresh vision and will have to include Turkey," he said, referring to Britain's decision to leave, or 'Brexit'.

"Whatever the picture will be after Brexit, Turkey's position will be stronger. Any picture that doesn't include Turkey will be a weak picture."

The comments come after David Cameron assured the people of Britain that it would not be until the year 3000 that Turkey would join the EU - a comment which caused great anger among the Turks.

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