Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The hillary whitewash!


The depth of corruption in the United Socialist Democracy of America was, this morning revealed, with the whitewash that the FBI has handed to Hilary Clinton. For me it has only confirmed what I predicted months ago, and have known for at least the past 40 years; there is no reforming the Federal Yankee dominated and completely corrupted government and political system that now controls the former free republic of the so-called united states of America. It is hard to conceive of how a hand full of socialist lunatics now have so much power that they care not what the inhabitants of this country care or do and that they can now run roughshod over any and all of the legal systems that were designed by the founders to ensure that criminals are apprehended and punished for their crimes.

King George would be very jealous of the awesome power that is now controlled by the likes of hillary, bill, obama, and the rest of their corrupt entourage. Any meaningful reform of this system is now impossible, and anyone who has the delusion that electing Trump will make any difference, is a candidate for the Loony  bin! When hillary gets elected, (and she will) the final nail will be driven in the coffin of the American Republic and your and my grandchildren will live a life of slavery to the state. As I see it, a state by state Brexit or a bloody revolution are now the only plausible answers to the dilemma that we, after her election, will find ourselves in. My fervent prayer is that there will be a governor in one of the states who has the ca-hones to do what S.C. did when the Ape Lincum was elected. They say history repeats itself, and in my mind we are right back where we were in 1861, and essentially for the same reasons. God help those who are still living with the delusion that they are free people.


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