Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New challenge to European Union unity: Austrian court overturns presidential elections

Via comment by Anonymous on Austria warns it will LEAVE EU if Turkey wins cont...


 Norbert Hoferrns warns of 'Auxit' vote within a year  

The decision was unprecedented in Austria's post-war history and beyond, appearing to be the first time that a nationwide election has been annulled and a repeat vote called in any European Union country.

The ruling, announced by Constitutional Court chief judge Gerhart Holzinger, represents a victory for the Freedom Party, which challenged the May 22 runoff on claims of widespread irregularities. But it also has wider implications that encompass other European countries.

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  1. Hofer has a very pleasant face like the late Charles
    Lindbergh. Definitely numerous irregularities.
    Some of these same irregularities were done to Ron Paul as
    I recall.

    1. Hofer has a very pleasant face like the late Charles

      Good point and didn't occur to me. Just think, we could have had Ron Paul as P the last 8 years.

  2. Isn't immigration grand. Or in our case 'diversity'. The
    brainwashed, illiterate masses of a certain caliber.
    Also, on Independence Day here in Asheville, North Carolina,
    there was a man standing on the over-pass above I-26 waving
    a Confederate Flag for most of the day. He said he lots &
    lots of positive feedback. He was a Southerner.

    1. Thanks and nothing like an "unbiased" reporter..... Was the Asheville event reported?

  3. The Asheville event was on live TV, WLOS. The guy was even
    interviewed for a few seconds. Went to get the report from
    WLOS today. Nothing to be found. All the other worthless
    garbage still hangs but the picture of this guy/flag and
    interview gone. Imagine that.

    1. Imagine that.

      Thanks and I'm as astounded as you............:)