Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This n' That

Above pictures from Bogue Inlet, Emerald Isle Pier/Beach area. The Tarpon was 62 pounds, but the pictures are poor. Two more were lost shortly thereafter.   One was hooked well, but you never know.  We saw one, not sure the species, some years ago that was much bigger as the man fought it for two hours only to have the fish stop running outwards, but head towards the pier where of course the line was broken once he went underneath/around the pilings.  Talk about a dejected man.

Rookie's Sports Bar above and there are more Confederate Flags displayed. Cape Carteret/Peletier area.

4th of July above and a madhouse.  Will be happy to go back to normal tomorrow, where starting at 5, I walk on the beach for 30 minutes, then to the end of the pier checking the catches and back to a beach chair under the pier for a few beers enjoying the best time of day.  I imagine early morning would be nice also, but haven't ventured out that early before. :)

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