Monday, July 4, 2016

The Brits Believe in Secession After All

 Brexit 2

As I spend some wonderful time with family in my home state of Alaska, I watched with intrigue as the UK appears to have decided to exit from the European Union. I am an Alaskan by birth and a U.S. citizen, and now reside in Tennessee. So, my perspective or stake in the UK’s decision is not rooted in how I will live my life, nor will the UK people’s decision likely effect me to a great degree.

Nonetheless, I watch with interest from this side of the Atlantic. Our family will travel in less than a week to the UK for a lengthy time of study.

I have many friends in the UK—some of whom likely favor leaving the EU, and some of whom likely favor remaining in the EU. So, my reflections here are not rooted in any animus to any position. Anyway, who am I, an American, to weigh in on what the Brits do? Nonetheless, it is perhaps worth stating a few obvious things.

Perhaps most importantly, what we are witnessing is an act of secession.

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