Monday, July 4, 2016

Mayoress might be charged for “offense” for opposing White South African genocide

Via Nancy


Councillor Heather Venter, a former mayoress of Driffield in Yorkshire, England, is being called a “racist” and a “nazi” by online media, as well as a left-wing politician seeking criminal charges for several messages she wrote on Twitter.

One of her tweets that she is being attacked for is a link to an article titled “White South Africans march in London against White genocide.

Genocide Watch, an independent watchdog established by Doctor Gregory H. Stanton, has warned of genocide against White South Africans.

Since the end of apartheid, more than 70 thousand White South Africans have been brutally murdered, tortured, and raped at an alarming rate by Black perpetrators, with no obvious motives behind the crimes.

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