Thursday, August 18, 2016

College Profs Admit Affirmative Action Is Failing Students, Get Called Racist & Princeton HR Bans Use of the Word “Man” – It’s Offensive

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 Everything is racist [Creative Commons]
 Why do you, as administrators, continue to offer differential outcomes to students of color, in spite of overwhelming data that demonstrates that many of our students, including white­-identified students, cannot offer clients a social work intervention that is based upon competence, skills and ethics,” Miehls said in his letter. Miehls went so far as to call the admissions process “tainted” because of how willing it was to admit unprepared non-white students.


 princeton word police

The Princeton University Human Resources department has banned the word “man” from its offices.

It might be offensive.

The campus released a list of alternatives to the word “man” in a recent memo.

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