Thursday, August 18, 2016

Normandy museum to sell D-Day tanks

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For sale: tanks, good condition, some used during D-Day.

The Normandy Tank Museum is selling its entire collection at auction next month before closing its doors because it failed to attract enough visitors. The sale includes tanks, military vehicles, trucks, aircraft and motorcycles, many of which have been restored to working order.

More than 40 armored vehicles, along with thousands of military items used during World War II and dozens of mannequins in full battle dress, will be sold on September 18 by Artcurial, a Paris-based luxury auction house. The sale will be held in Catz, a town a few kilometers from Normandy’s Utah beach, where the Allies landed to liberate German-occupied northwestern Europe in June 1944.

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  1. The sad thing is that there are not enough visitors to keep it open. I never got to meet my cousin Jay who was killed on D Day+3 and is buried at the American cemetery. Not even a century on and they and their sacrifice is all but forgotten.

    1. Not even a century on and they and their sacrifice is all but forgotten.


  2. No advertisement like for Black History Museums or Holocaust
    Museums or Disney World. Sad state of affairs.