Saturday, August 6, 2016

In a shocking new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump is down by only 3 points

Via John

After a week of being behind Hillary Clinton by ten points or more in various polls, Donald Trump has suddenly pulled to nearly even in a national poll by Reuters/Ipsos released Saturday.

Clinton leads with 42 percent of the vote compared to 39 percent for Trump, a significant gain for the GOP nominee, who had been behind by eight points in a Reuters poll Monday.

"The reasons behind the shift were unclear," Reuters said.


  1. "The reasons behind the shift were unclear," Reuters said.

    Could be Hillary is a lying traitorous bitch. She sells political payouts for cash. She is directly responsible for the murder of an Ambassador. But ya it’s unclear…


    1. But ya it’s unclear…

      Of course, clear as a bell...:)

    2. Precisely, so some will just not vote.

  2. I, myself, am very skeptical of establishment polls, I think they use polls as one of their methods to shape the opinions of Americans. If I tell a person someone is going to lose enough, they began to believe it, and expect that to happen!