Friday, September 9, 2016

Decentralization For Humanity’s Sake

Via Jonathan

separate american nations

The Roman historian Titus Livius once called Rome “the greatest nation in the world.”  He wrote those words in a time of moral and political decline, and Livy was hoping by outlining the greatness of the once proud republic, the Roman people would arrest the decline and embrace the principles that had made Rome great.  Livy argued that without understanding their history, the Roman people would neither be able to “endure our vices nor face the remedies needed to cure them.”  But Livy failed to recognize the catastrophic effect empire and expansion had on the Roman spirit. 

For example, by expanding north and attempting to assimilate the Germanic peoples and the Celts into Roman culture, Rome sealed its own demise.  The Germans and Celts never fully embraced Rome, and those who did retained some element of their own political and cultural heritage.  Romans were outnumbered by Germanic peoples in their own army, and the disintegration of the Empire seemed inevitable as the fringes of the Empire came under constant assault from groups unwilling to assimilate.  There was never a Roman “nation” outside of Rome.  The men, money, and material needed to build and then hold the Empire were wasted, while the vices and decadence of the ruling class in Rome wrecked the republic. The human cost of the Roman Empire was incalculable.


  1. I love how we get the title, "Deep South". It makes us sound truly ethnic and exotic. Everyone else is cosmopolitan-sounding, but we're ethnic B)

    1. Fine with me as they can call us anything they want JUST LEAVE US ALONE. :) Of course we desired that in 1861 also........

  2. Hi Brock,
    I note that East NC is that part called "Tidewater????? really?? No, it is The Deepest South!! I recall living in Sampson County with my Peggy for 15 years and it was like my Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana during the 50's ..Agarian!! Only we had Strawberries instead of Cotton and Tobacco!! That part at the bottom saying if I can read the words right.."New France??" Really just because there's an abundance of "Coonasses" that live there, speak "Cajun" Ya have to remember, they got there because they, as Justin Wilson said,"Wouldn't swear aliegence to the King of England, only swear at him!!" So they still speak "Cajun" (it resembles French but isn't!!) Anyway, they have the "Florida Parishes included in that part but man are they off the map!!! MOSTLY REDNECK'S!!!! Some Coonass's, a couple of refugees from the "Irish Channel" in N.O. (just a few) a community of DAGOS!!! In mid Tangipahoa Parish in Independance, La. and in Livingston Parish there is "ARPAD HON!!!!" (The Home of Arpad) the Hungarian Community going back to the turn of the 20th Century!!! My Family is a solid PART of it!!!! Check my first Given Name!!! "ARPAD!!!!" Anyway, My rant...I Love being part of Our "SOUTH!!" Never mind the"Election" in a couple of months, another month and a half and it is "Carnivale!!!!" followed by "MARDI GRAS!!!!" I'm Ready!!! The Libtards can try to ban "GUNZ" "SEX" "WHISKEY"and any thing else their little limp d!(k's wants to try..but just let them try to BAN,"MARDI GRAS!!!!" Ha!! Their limp dead bodies will float down the Mississippi River all the way to the Gulf ....they might make it if the crabs ad aligator's don't finish them off first!!
    Got The "SOUTH!!!"

    1. Another great comment! Tidewater refers to a section of Virginia which includes Stratford Hall.