Friday, September 9, 2016

Navy SEALs Rescue Mission Cancelled Because Of Obama’s Golfing

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A dual-pronged U.S. special operations forces mission to rescue two hostages kidnapped in Afghanistan last month failed because President Barack Obama failed to approve it in time, reported Fox News:
The first mission was aborted when the American rescue force could not obtain White House approval for the mission amid concerns about the intelligence, according to three defense officials. They were in the air heading to the target area at the time and had to return to their base in Afghanistan.
When approval was granted by President Obama the next day, the American assault force headed back to the area where they believed the two hostages were being held and engaged an enemy force at a compound believed to contain the hostages.
By then, however, the hostages, American citizen Kevin King and Australian citizen Timothy Weeks, had already been moved.

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