Friday, September 16, 2016

Dingdong Beck Joins Hillary=> Warns CNN Anti-Trump Hack of Alt-Right Racist, Nazi, KKK Threat

Via Billy
beck cheetos

How did we miss this?

Glenn Beck… Yeah, this guy

…Warned CNN of the threat of the racist, Nazi, KKK Alt-right threat on the US Constitution.

He’s gone from supporting Liar Ted Cruz to auditioning for his old job on CNN.


  1. Beck. Does any one still take that hack seriously. Given his inane ranting, he is in need of adult supervision, a nice long nap and an increase in his meds.
    You can safely assume that once the "he is a Nazi" or "he is another Adolph Hilter" is invoked that the guy can no longer defend his position. And you have in fact won the debate. Don't care what Back has to say, he has no credibility with me. He is a wimp

  2. Beck is the useful idiot for the neocons, and the banksters